Game Instance

Let the games begin


Oscilloscopes, multimeters, soldering irons, the lot.

Digital Oscilloscope

Yet another Arduino application

Hall Effect current measurement


LCD 1602 Hitachi

a 16 x 2 chars text display

Simple STM32 Digital Oscilloscope

Another NT35702 TFT display application

Voltage Offset Adjustment with Op Amps

An upgrade for the STM32 Digital Oscilloscope

Non-synchronous Buck Converter

Efficiency evaluation

Arduino NiMH Battery Discharger

Preventing the Memory Effect

Smart NiMH Battery Charger

Arduino DIY at its best

Dual NiMH Battery Smart Charger

Part 2 - The build

Dual NiMH Battery Smart Charger

Part 3 - The Arduino code

Dual NiMH Battery Smart Charger

Part 5 - Limitations

Arduino Web Console

NodeJS, CSS and HTML web app

Dual NiMH Battery Smart Charger

A Web based interface

UV Exposure Box

DIY PCB manufacturing

UV Exposure Box

Part 2 - The high voltage electric circuit

UV Exposure Box

Part 3 - Building it

UV-Box 400

Part 4 - The Arduino compartment

UV-Box 400

Part 5 - The Arduino circuit and sketch

Bass-Reflex transfer function

Frequency and phase response. Phase and group delay.

Speaker impedance measurement

A Python & Arduino gadget

DIY PCB fabrication

Negative acting photosensitive UV curable film

STM32 Oscilloscope

2.57 Msps with FFT spectrum scope and SD card export

STM32 Oscilloscope with FFT and SD export

The Arduino code

Merry Christmas!

Santa brings you a speaker design widget

Happy New Year!

Bass-reflex loudspeaker design widget

Decoding 433 MHz Remote Control Signals

Some tech, more DIY

Replicating 433 MHz Remote Control Signals

A real world DIY application

Cloning MPS-TF2E Remote Controls

A widget for DIY code word generation

Bench-top power supply

Informed choice

DIY linear bench power supply

Part 1 - sourcing heavy parts

DIY linear bench power supply

Part 2 - series regulator circuit