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Arduino boards, clones, compatible devices and related projects.

Simple solar battery charger

A 3 dollar Arduino project

Temperature compensated charging voltage

for the simple solar battery charger

Nokia 5110 LCD for Arduino

A graphic 84x48 display

The Snake game for Arduino

A Nokia 5110 LCD demo

Digital Oscilloscope

Yet another Arduino application

Sorry to interrupt

but this is important


in Arduino Pro Mini clothes

Serial Peripheral Interface

or SPI

Serial Peripheral Interface

the Arduino way

Hall Effect current measurement


LCD 1602 Hitachi

a 16 x 2 chars text display

Arduino Audio Controller

A Pulse Width Modulation application

Real-time SPI transmission

For the Arduino PWM Audio Controller

2.4" TFT LCD with Touch and SD Card reader

320x240 16bit NT35702 controller

2.4" TFT LCD NT35702

with STM32F103C8

Simple STM32 Digital Oscilloscope

Another NT35702 TFT display application

Simple solar battery charger

using the Atmega328p and one P-Channel MOSFET switching transistor

Off-the-grid plant irrigator

For a self sustained garden

Arduino plant irrigator

For a self sustained garden

Scheduled plant irrigation system

The Arduino sketch

Arduino controlled buck converter

A simple step-down voltage regulator

Arduino plant irrigator with bluetooth

An SPP-CA bluetooth remote control application

Simple solar battery charger

Upgrade: replacing the protection diodes with a Schottky

Arduino irrigation system with bluetooth

A remote control application

Game Console on Arduino

First model

Space Invaders game

For the Arduino Game Console

Precise battery cell voltage measurement

Yet another Arduino application

Maze Explorer game

For Arduino Game Console

Arduino NiMH Battery Discharger

Preventing the Memory Effect

Smart NiMH Battery Charger

Arduino DIY at its best

Dual NiMH Battery Smart Charger

Part 2 - The build

Dual NiMH Battery Smart Charger

Part 5 - Limitations

Dual NiMH Battery Smart Charger

Part 3 - The Arduino code

Dual NiMH Battery Smart Charger

Part 4 - Reducing the overcharge

Dual NiMH Battery Smart Charger

A Web based interface

UV Exposure Box

DIY PCB manufacturing

UV Exposure Box

Part 3 - Building it

UV-Box 400

Part 4 - The Arduino compartment

UV-Box 400

Part 5 - The Arduino circuit and sketch

Speaker impedance measurement

A Python & Arduino gadget

STM32 Oscilloscope

2.57 Msps with FFT spectrum scope and SD card export

STM32 Oscilloscope with FFT and SD export

The Arduino code